05 September 2022

the internet is killing ambition

sad but true

AJ LaMarc
AJ LaMarc @ajlamarc

As we went into college, two of my friends both majored in Aerospace Engineering. Why? To work for SpaceX!

My friends never became Aerospace Engineers, or worked for Elon Musk. Regardless, there’s a reason they both wanted to.

Musk feels like “the Jetsons” because he innovates in the real world. Everyone else just makes stuff on the internet now.

Today we don’t have flying cars, or free energy. We have TikTok, AI, and “the Metaverse.” All of these suck.

The internet optimizes resource usage, but it can’t create new resources. AirBnB, Uber, and Amazon are just fancy logistics companies. AirBnB can’t make homes cheaper, nor Uber its cars, nor Amazon its products.

Deep down everybody knows this. It feels like “tech” is the only way to make money nowadays, but “tech” narratives aren’t exciting, they are dystopian. So we bury our ambition.

It’s time to go back to real-world innovations.