AJ LaMarc
01 May 2024

Rama: a Storm is brewing

unaffiliated technical thoughts building on Rama by Red Planet Labs

AJ LaMarc
20 November 2023

urbit is a zorp project

ZK is the next wave of pure CS

AJ LaMarc
01 October 2023

the nerd problem

to get ahead - don’t learn another JS framework, unlearn nerdiness

AJ LaMarc
04 September 2023

from urbit to rama

oops! all red planets

AJ LaMarc
26 February 2023

urbit userspace style guide

Hoon is a fine language, it just needs consistency.

AJ LaMarc
29 December 2022

urbit pills

the best urbit podcasts, videos, and tweets

AJ LaMarc
19 November 2022

urbit setup

development environment for dummies

AJ LaMarc
06 September 2022

what would god do?

how to override dumb decisions

AJ LaMarc
05 September 2022

the internet is killing ambition

sad but true

AJ LaMarc
30 August 2022

technology enables morality

meat alternatives make vegetarianism easy

AJ LaMarc
18 August 2022

the future of real estate

co-living communities, and the metaverse?

AJ LaMarc
07 August 2022

the world's two most important ideas

compound interest and mirrored reciprocation